In 1969, humanity took its first small steps on another world. At the time, many believed this was just the beginning of decades of space exploration to come. We thought that the final frontier had finally been open to a new generation of pioneers and explorers. We assumed it would continue to compel humankind toward the stars in an expansion far faster and greater than ever before.

Nearly 50 years later, and we haven't returned to the Moon or visited any of our nearest celestial neighbors. We've sent plenty of probes, but the human spirit remains bound to our relatively explored and colonized Earth.

Lith Labs wants to change that. Our mission is to rekindle the human spirit of exploration on Earth and beyond.

Our first initiative is a global crowdfunding campaign that anyone can contribute to. The money raised will be deposited directly to the lunar surface as an incentive to go back. The only way to spend the money will be by exploring the Moon to retrieve the trove.

In this way, we are effectively burying treasure on the Moon. This will lead to the first treasure expedition set in space and the greatest adventure in all of human history. Best of all, the global community will have financed our transition to a spacefairing civilization. Not to mention, contributors can proudly call themselves space pirates.

If God wanted man to become a spacefaring species, He would have given man a moon.
— Krafft Ehricke