Hi there, I'm Paul.

I just graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Computer Graphics in addition to a Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. I enjoy branding and experience design and have a background in outreach, sponsorship, event planning, management, and communication. I see myself in a startup environment or working with a small team.

I've dreamed of spaceships and adventure all my life. This naturally led me toward entrepreneurship, which I've pursued throughout my college career. I've interned at several startups, ridden StartupBus, and I jump at the chance to attend every Startup Weekend, entrepreneurial event, or adventure I can. I've built student services like Boiler Cash and Boiler Callouts from the ground up – branding and coding everything from scratch all on my own.

I'm a total nerd and enjoy all topics related to Elon Musk. It's no surprise then, that I found myself the Outreach Captain for Purdue Hyperloop and administrator for the SpaceX Meetups Slack.